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Our five long-term volunteers this week are Don, Project Director, Pennsylvania; Ryan, Construction Supervisor, Indiana; Tina, Cook from Indiana, Josie, Office Manager, Ohio and Julian, Long-term Volunteer from Pennsylvania. We are grateful for our two weekly volunteers, Hans, from Virginia and Levi, from California.

Levi, Hans and Julian cleaned floor and siding, in preparation for painting, at the Harrell house. They also sanded drywall and painted the exterior. They accomplished quite a bit at the Wynne house: roof underlayment, house wrap, and installation of doors and windows. On Thanksgiving Day and again on Friday, the crew worked at mudding and taping drywall at the Rubiolo house, 

The site plans for Scottwood have been approved! We were delighted to receive this news.  Because the town offices were closed for Thanksgiving weekend, we will wait until next week to complete the necessary paperwork and fees to pick up the permit.

Thanksgiving Day, we all worked a short day. Tina, our cook, prepared a scrumptious meal of tender roast beef, fluffy mashed potatoes, baked asparagus and green beans, with pumpkin cake bars and pecan bars for dessert. We had a special time around the table, each sharing an experience that was a blessing to us during the past year.

Don has concluded eight weeks of service as project director and will return home this Saturday. We will miss his leadership, steady guidance and, of course, his jokes. Josie enjoyed her two weeks of serving as office manager and will also return home Saturday. We look forward to Robert and Sally’s arrival to continue leading the team.


Submitted by Josie Swartzentruber, Office Manager, on behalf of the Paradise Team 


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