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Another week of beautiful weather in the 60’s.  Great working weather for sure!!  We had a big group of volunteers from Winnipeg, Canada with lots of energy!

Windows were installed, all siding was painted, and all siding applied to Mr. Reams home.  Really changed the look of the house this week and its now beginning to look like a HOME.  On Mr. Loomis’ house cement was poured for the stem wall.  Stringers were put down and the plumbers did rough in.  After an inspection the deck will be ready to be put down.  We had a set back at the Reyes construction site because the footers did not pass inspection.  Need to make a few changes and will be good to go.

In the evenings we have had several lively games of “tensies” and Scrabble along with some great devotional times in the mornings after breakfast.

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