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Our group of eight long-term volunteers accomplished a great deal this week.  Each step forward brings another family closer to moving into their new home.

The team was able to frame the Scottwood house in spite of some very warm days in the sun.   Our plumbers dug and filled in the needed sewer and water line ditch at Newland as well as dug the ditch for the sewer line at Scottwood.   A final coat of paint was applied throughout the house at Jewell Rd.; cabinets were hung, and most base cabinets put in place.  At Stone Mountain, another coat of paint was applied to the living room; stove and refrigerator installed.   The wood stove company came and installed Teri’s cute little wood stove.  The four-way inspections were signed off for both Newland Rd. and Honey Creek Rd.

Highlight of the week was learning that Doug Wylie is out of the hospital and recovering from his emergency surgery.  Getting the four-way inspections signed off at both Newland and Honey Creek brought shouts of joy.  Being able to exchange Rubiolo’s washing machine for a gift card so they can purchase a quiet, front loading one, was a joyful time as well.

On Monday, Meeks is scheduled to install insulation at Newland.   We anticipate getting Honey Run on their schedule for later in the week.  The flooring has been ordered for Jewell Rd. but unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock.   Once that comes in, it will be installed.

The lovely Yellowstone Rails to Trails that runs through town has been a delight to bike and walk on.  Lots of interesting plaques along the path tell of people who first came to Paradise.  Another lovely spot we discovered this week is Bille Park.  Several new additions have been added to the park since the fire, including a large plaque in memory of pets lost in the fire.

We said our goodbyes to five of our long termers who were here three weeks. They had delightful surprises connecting with several different acquaintances in the area.  It is a small world after all!

Submitted by Rachel Horst for the Paradise team.

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