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Don and Rachel Horst, serving as project director and office manager began the week with all new long-termers.  Rod and Chris Krehbiel from Pretty Prairie, KS came to serve as crew leader and long-term volunteer; Leo and Mim Martin from New Holland, PA serving as crew leader and assistant cook as well as Connie Goertzen, from Winnipeg, MB serving as head cook.  Our team this week was completed by 16 from Parkview Mennonite, Denver, PA bringing our total to 21.

After rain showers during the night and a fresh blanket of snow Mon. morning, the fellows got busy digging a ditch to burry the water line at Robert Ream’s while the girls painted interior doors for the Loomis house.  Insulation was installed in the Reyes house.  After it was inspected, the team moved ahead with hanging the drywall and after the drywall screw inspection, carefully did the taping.  On Thurs. the girls shoveled sand and dirt to fill the ditch at Ream’s as well as moved dirt to grade at the back of the house.  More dirt was shoveled around the front porch of the house at Reyes.  At Kellogg’s windows, trim and siding installation were completed.

Getting the water line ditch dug at the Ream house and then buried helped tremendously in keeping things moving there.  Sometimes the weather forecast was accurate, sometime not, so the team really hustled to finish up before it rained.  It was always a highlight when blue sky peeked out from behind the clouds.

The drywall mud has been very slow to dry at Loomis’ but when it does, we will be able to move ahead with painting and laying flooring.  Next week we hope to have the kitchen countertop installed at the Ream house and a 4-way inspection done at Kellogg.

The team enjoyed visiting with the owners of the Treasures from Paradise store when they shopped for souvenirs to tuck in their bags for loved ones at home.  It’s always delightful to have multiple generations working together on a team.  That was our delight again this week.

Submitted by Rachel Horst for the Paradise team.

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