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This last week of March began with much promise on several fronts. The weather was sunny, we had good work to do, and we had volunteers staying and coming who could do the work needed. The Neufeld’s from Vancouver continued for another week, and joining them were two groups from Oregon. One was a family of 5, with children who joined the crew, and the other was a group from the Netart’s Friends Church.

Since weather is often a factor in Paradise, I will report that the week began sunny and brilliant. But then, as the week continued, the weather turned rainy again, but this time it also snowed, very heavily at times. Of course, since the ground was warm, the snow did not stick, but it made the world pretty while it lasted, then contributed to the moisture in the ground.

This week we focused our work on three houses:

  • The Loomis House is nearing completion. Since floor and cabinets are in, this week concentrated on installing and painting finish trim. Shelves were installed, and now we are focusing on getting electrical hooked up.
  • At the Reyes House, since it was sunny on Monday, the youth exercised their muscles and dug a ditch for the water line. Meanwhile, others finished the drywall and painted the ceilings and walls. The results are great. On Friday, everything was cleaned up and the floor completely installed. This week dramatically changed this house.
  • This week the Kellogg House underwent taping and mudding by our courageous volunteers. They were tutored by our neighbor friend who wished to contribute to the project (see last week’s report). Many of the volunteers learned new drywall skills.

Our Wednesday supper guest this week was Rhonda DeSantis, a fourth-generation resident who experienced the fire and its severe consequences. She shared what it was like to go through this event. Her determination to help Paradise build back is demonstrated by her assistance with building permits and inspection procedures. It was great having her with us.

Next week we will scale back our expectations since we have no weekly volunteers. We will complete the third phase of mudding, then sanding, at Kellogg and possibly begin painting. We will paint doors at Loomis, and hopefully begin cabinet installation at Reyes.

Over the weekend those of us present attended the Home and Garden Show in Chico. Our tickets were provided by the Foothill Mill & Lumber Co.

Submitted by Wayne Hochstetler on behalf of the team

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