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What a wonderful and enjoyable group of volunteers we had this week! We had a group of 9 women and their drivers from Central Wisconsin. They were full of energy and ready to tackle new jobs and experiences, which they did with eagerness. They brought a song collection with them, and we used those songs for morning devotions and otherwise.

They also worked hard and kept their crew leaders on their toes. Many of them learned to hang drywall and to get the drill and screws straight. Some finished drywall and others nailed exterior sheathing. The homeowners were impressed. Perhaps aided by the excellent weather, the work progressed well.

On the Honey Run house the drywall was finished, and the bathroom tub surround was tiled. This house will be ready for painting and then flooring.

The Newland Road house needed drywall and more drywall, above and around. This house will now await the drywall screw inspection.

The Scottwood house is now fully enclosed with sheathing and ready for rough installation of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

For those of you who have served here in the past, we have ordered the final inspection on two houses: Stone Mountain and Cirby Creek. This will mark an epic ending on our work in the east canyon. We now only have one house to complete in the county (Butte).

This week we also welcomed 4 long-term volunteers. Carol and Leon Brubaker, from Akron, PA, came to serve as Head Cook and Crew Leader, respectively. They will stay for 4 weeks. Vera and Aaron Martin, from Ephrata, PA, will serve for 2 weeks, with Vera serving as Assistant Cook.

The Town of Paradise has started an every-Wednesday “Party In The Park”. It is designed to have Paradise residents get together, talk, and have a good time. Music is provided, along with many booths selling food, crafts, and other things. There are other booths for those doing recovery work, such as the Camp Fire Collaborative, our long-term recovery group. The intent is to be visible and to let people know what is available. We wanted our volunteers to be part of this, and they were met by Mayor Crowder, who expressed his appreciation to the group and told them of future plans. It was a worthy experience.

We again did a picnic in the park, with grilled pork loins, under the cool shade of the oak trees in Bille Park. It was a wonderful way to relax after a hard day’s work.

Next week we plan to continue working towards completion of our projects and beginning some new ones. Thus, we continue spreading the love of our God and serving this growing community, which is now the fastest growing town in California.

Thank you for your interest in this project.

Wayne Hochstetler, Office Manager, on behalf of the whole Paradise team

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