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Greetings from Paradise, California.  This week was the first week of short term volunteers here in Butte County.  Our weekly volunteers came from Pennsylvania, Colorado and Idaho.  Our long term volunteers through the month of January are from Virginia, New York, Oregon and Idaho.  

Our work this week was concentrated in rural Butte County in an area known as Concow where we are currently constructing three new homes. At the home on Cirby Creek Road our efforts involved Interior painting, hanging doors, and prepping the concrete slab for flooring.  On our Stone Mountain Road home, a very windy location, we completed the fascia, hung exterior doors and made some roofing repairs.  On Hoffman Road we painted interior doors and delivered flooring in preparation for flooring next week.

It’s been beautiful weather in California this week – sunny and warm.  Friday the wind picked up and my thoughts went to how the wind must have whipped through here with the tongues of fire that wiped out this community.  May our volunteers continue to be a blessing to the homeowners here in Paradise and surrounding areas.

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