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Greetings from Paradise, California.  Our volunteers this week were a large group from Pennsylvania.  These gentlemen are seasoned MDS volunteers.  They brought experience and humor to our project.  Our long term volunteers through the month of January are from Virginia, New York, Oregon and Idaho.  

This week we were able to concentrate on framing and plumbing and electrical work.  We started the framing on the Jewell Road house.  Our framing crew completed walls, sheathing, truss installation and roof sheathing.  The homeowner had been gone for a couple of days and was so grateful and amazed at how quickly the house started coming together.  

One crew concentrated this week on the plumbing and electrical rough in installation at Honey Run Road.  The water lines and drain lines were tested.  This crew also poured the cement pad and finished the soffit and siding.  

At the Stone Mountain house we closed in the gable vents.  Work next week will include exterior painting.

At Cirby Creek and Hoffman Road flooring was installed in both homes.  When kitchen cabinets are installed, we will finish up the flooring in the kitchen in both homes.

It was a great week in Paradise.  So much work was accomplished.  We had great meals served to our crews who ate heartedly.  We had one day with an 8 hour planned power outage, and our cooks were still able to put together an amazing meal for our hungry crews.  

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