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On Saturday we welcomed Judy Schmidt, (MB) serving as head cook.  She joined Marlene and Leon Martin, (PA) assistant cook and construction supervisor, as well as Don and Rachel Horst, (KS) project director and office manager.  After a long train ride from PA that was delayed two days, John Lapp and Elmer King arrived Tues. morning.  They are each serving as a crew leader.  The weekly group of 8 young men from MO brought this week’s volunteer total to 15.

At Cirby Creek, crew installed flex pipe, vent and baseboard in laundry closet as well as finished installation and caulking of kitchen countertops.  At Hoffman Rd, crew installed kitchen sink, finished things in laundry closet and dug a ditch for, as well as, laid the propane line. At Stone Mountain trim, doors, ceiling and walls were painted; flooring laid; interior doors hung; trim and kitchen cabinets installed.  At Newland Road, walls were framed; porch beams, posts, blocking for cabinets installed and house wrap put on.

The timeliness of getting the inspections done, foundation poured, right as this talented framing team from Missouri arrived, was definitely the highlight of this week.  

Plans for the coming week include putting trusses up at the Newland Rd. house and painting the Newland Rd. siding as well as, laying tile at Stone Mountain.

Leon had fun Friday evening revealing to our Missouri team that he understood and spoke Pennsylvania Dutch.  They also enjoyed hearing stories that Steve Wiest told during his visit with us this week.  We were fortunate in locating some of the last Paradise books available at the Gold Nugget Museum for the team as their interest in learning more about the Campfire was stimulated by hearing Cheryle’s story and watching the Frontline video of the Campfire.


Submitted by Rachel Horst for the Paradise, CA team.

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