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Greetings from Paradise, California.  This week we prayed for enough work for our big crew!  God provided; a big cabinet order, much delayed, finally came in; also we picked up another brief job that we were able to do for one of our homeowners.  

Our big week crew was from PA, 11 big strong guys from Pennsylvania who were willing and able, even though the exact tasks they would have loved to work on were not available to be done.   

On the Cirby Creek house, we were able to paint, fix some concrete edging, and clean the area; the primary and long-awaited kitchen and bath cabinets were installed, and construction waste was hauled off (this is now required to be tracked by site in California).  

At the Stone Mountain Road house, the gas and electric line trenches were dug, gas risers installed, both trenches were backfilled.  The drywall was started, taped and sanded, and finish-coated.  Construction waste was hauled from this site too.

The Rubiolo ramp, first reported to you last week, was completed.

The Hoffman Road additional job was to close in the gap between the RV and the lean-to addition which our crews built for the owner last year.  This was completed.

We enjoyed each other’s presentation of devotions at breakfast; crew reports at supper; and especially, our two PA cooks’ (Nancy and Rose) wonderful meals!  Our other long-termers were Don, Leon, Marlene and Marvin from PA, Paul from New York, Peggy from California, and new arrivals Don and Rachel from KS.  Josh Carson from the Lititz office was with us from Sunday to Wednesday, always so helpful to have him come in and add his good counsel.  The place was pretty full this week!  Our next two crew leaders are a bit delayed on the train from PA; now they are coming in just past midnight on Sunday night.  Blessings to all who are leaving and all who are arriving.  We are very thankful for thought-provoking devotions and sharing.  The Lord blessed us greatly.

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