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Our “lively group” of volunteers arrived Sun. evening, included the Stutzman brothers (2 from OH, 1 from AL) as well as an additional 9 from Ohio.  The continuing team of 6 long termers (1 BC, 2 MB, 1 VA, 2 KS) brought our grand total of volunteers this week to 18.

Plans were made to do indoor work Mon. as rain was in the forecast but the day ended up being clear enough to put fascia and sheeting in the gable at Randy Loomis’ house.  Our second team worked off more items on the punch list at Dechter and Moreno.  The weather on Tues. allowed for the pour of cement for the porches at Loomis.  Wed. porches were framed up.  After the nail inspection, the team was able to move ahead with putting on house wrap, installing windows, external doors and drywall blockers.  Felt and some shingles were put on the roof, completing the work at Loomis’ for this week.

Passing both the nail inspection on the Loomis house as well as the footings inspection at Reyes was huge.  We were reminded again of the impact MDS has on persons we serve.  Randy told David that without our help, a year from now, he would be out on the street.  Seeing the joy in Randy’s eyes as he watches the construction of his house progress brings joy to the eyes of our volunteers as well.  Even though the rain slowed us down at times, it definitely was a highlight in bringing much needed moisture to this part of the country.

Plans for the upcoming week are to finish putting shingles, siding and soffit on at Loomis.  Weather permitting, we plan to have cement poured for the footers at Reyes and enjoy more of Carol and Tom’s amazing cooking and entertaining commentaries.  We are grateful to have a small part in the journey of getting more folks into their homes.

Submitted by Rachel Horst for the Paradise team.

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