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Among our weekly volunteers arriving Sun. evening was Arlene & Alvin Hett from Hillsboro, KS serving with MDS for the first time.  They were joined by a team of experienced young men and women from PA and OH.  Adding these to our six long termers (1 BC, 2 MB, 1 VA, 2 KS) the grand total of volunteers this week was 22.

With the sun shining brightly after a very rainy weekend, volunteers joyfully dove into the task of painting trim and siding, installing shingles and siding at the Loomis house.  As the week moved along these tasks were finished and attention turned to getting details completed so a 4 Way inspection could happen at the Ream house as well as an inspection of the rebar in the ICF blocks for the stem wall that were set at the Reyes house.

Our young adults not only had lots of energy on the job but also in the evenings playing volleyball out in front of the high rise.  It was a delight to hear the sounds of a hoot owl one evening, a sign that wild life continues to return to Paradise.  Another highlight of the week was finding a shop that could repair the latch on the back door of the van the team was traveling in.

It’s always great to tap into the skills our volunteers come with.  Thanks to retired ER nurse, Arlene Hett, all our first-aid kits have been gone through and are now stocked with items that have current dates!  Thank you, Arlene and Alvin, for this donation.  Our Paradise site will be shut down for the holidays and reopen in January.  It’s been another fulfilling time keeping the houses moving closer to the day the homeowners can move in.

Submitted by Rachel Horst for the Paradise team.

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