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Maynard Goins and Steve Wiest each spent several days with the long-term volunteers who arrived the middle of last week.  They did an excellent job orienting us to the Paradise community and relaying information regarding the history and current status of the Paradise project. Sunday evening, we welcomed our weekly volunteers who arrived from Oregon, New York and California.

Our team fine-tuned the framing on John Rubiolo’s house and framed in the side porch roof.  House wrap was put on both Rubiolo and Harrell’s homes.

Kitchen cabinets for both Harrell and Rubiolo homes are now on order with a delivery date of February, 2022.  A shower and shower-tub have been placed in the respective houses.   We purchased all the appliances that are needed for these two homes and today they were delivered to our base camp where they will be stored until the houses are ready for them.

Next week the team plans to do the same fine-tuning on the framing at Cheryle Harrell’s; frame up the porch roofs and begin installing windows.

Cool morning and evening temperatures made it very pleasant to eat our meals outdoors.  We soon learned that a yellow jacket like insect also wanted to “dine with us”.  At first we found them quite entertaining, then tried to ignore them as they swarmed around us, but that is rather difficult.  Our head cook is working on finding a solution to this problem.


Submitted by Rachel Horst, Office Manager, on behalf of the Paradise Team

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