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This week we had a transition of Office Managers. Joetta Schlabach, from Michigan, arrived on Wednesday and Lauren King departed on Friday, returning to Ohio.

            On Sunday, our weekly volunteers arrived. Joanna and Lester Brubaker drove Lynette Brubacher, Heidi Hoover, Mary Grace Horst, Kristine Nolt, Delores Sauder, Janette Zeiset, and Lorelle Zeiset from Wisconsin. Lana Tieszen flew in from South Dakota.

            Wednesday evening we were joined for dinner by the family of House #4, who shared their experiences with the volunteers.

            Volunteers worked on all four houses: At house #1 they finished the exterior caulking and roof and completed the interior painting. Flooring was installed in House #2, which also received exterior caulk. Some electrical and plumbing work was done on House #3, as well as exterior caulking. The drywall in House #4 was mudded, sanded, and primed for the interior paint. Foundation work continued on Houses 5, 6, and 7, in anticipation of a framing crew who will be here the first week in April.

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