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On Saturday, we were excited to welcome our new assistant cook, Joan Hopkins. She flew in from Michigan to work with us for the next three weeks.

On Sunday, our weekly volunteers arrived. Austin and Rachel Zimmerman, Ryan and Audrey Burkholder, Luke Ray and Emma Reiff, Galen and Anne Martin, Chris Nolt, and Keith Sauder drove out from Wisconsin. Kimberly Jacko from Pennsylvania also volunteered this week and drove over from where she was visiting in South Dakota.

Wednesday evening we were blessed to have the gentleman who leads the United Methodist church come for dinner. He is descended from the Chaddo Indian tribe and has had a very unique life. He is also an extremely good story teller and was gracious enough to share some of his history and faith journey with us.

The houses seem to be changing fast. At house #1 they caulked the exterior and worked on preparing for and starting on interior paint. They also installed half of the metal roofing. House #2 is now entirely painted inside and the metal roofing was installed. The painting crew also worked on the base board and trim for both houses 1 and 2. The drywall installation was finished in house #4 and much of the drywall taping was completed. This week we had a crew working on preparing sites for three new builds, houses 5, 6, and 7. Concrete pouring was started at house #6 with plans to finish and start pouring at house #7 on Monday.

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