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We had 2 couples from PA for our weekly volunteers along with 1 long term volunteer from Germany.

On the Cisneros house, we finished painting and cleaned up the yard from drywall scraps and other things. World Renew continued to hang drywall and started mudding the drywall.

On the del Angel house we installed the shower, hooked up the DWV to the system and got it tested. We finished hanging drywall in the whole house. We also gave it a second coat of paint as we had some light spots. We also cleaned up all the drywall scraps.

On the Rodriguez house we finished up the DWV and it is ready to be tied into the system. We finished hanging the drywall in the whole house and cleaned up all of the drywall scraps.

On the Casas house we finished hanging all of the drywall in the whole house except the bathroom as we are waiting on the shower pan and walls. We also cleaned up all of the drywall scraps.

We loaded new tools into both tool trailers that had been ordered to bring them up to date. We prepared the large tool trailer for a move to the La Posada Providencia project.

The weather was delightful this week. Grateful for all of our volunteers, Christian Fellowship, Hot meals, Prayers, Safety and Laughter.

From McAllen, Merry Christmas

Jonas, Joanna, Tina, Peter, Margaret, Bob, LeRoy and Doreen

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