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Another week has come and gone, the weather improved, the snow melted, and work is moving forward. It was great to meet some new folks, and some we had worked with on other sites.  Eight of them came from Wisconsin, one from Baltimore, and one from Virginia. 

At the Baker house, things are really starting to move toward the finishing touches.  The week continued with painting and all the rooms got their finish coat. Next up was painting and installing trim and doors. Cabinets were painted and are ready to be installed. Light fixtures and fans were hung inside as well as out on the porch, and receptacles put in. There was an HVAC platform built and plumbing work done, and by weeks end there was water hooked up. Also, on the list of jobs done was flooring installed in one of the bathrooms. It is really looking good, and the finish line is in sight. 

Work continued at the Atwell house as well.  We had an extra crew come in from PA and they got the plumbing and electrical roughed in and we passed our first inspection. We are waiting on the HVAC rough-in but work continued in spite of that.  By the end of the week the siding, soffit and fascia were done all around the house and rain gutters put up. There was work under the house, levelling the ground, putting down a layer of poly and then the floor got insulated.  The porch railings were built and work was started on a long wheelchair ramp.   Inside the house the walls were insulated. Lots of work done once again and satisfactory progress made. 

Friday afternoon we were blessed with pizza from a neighbor, just to say Thank-you for being here and for working to help others. We pray we are being the hands and feet of Jesus and shining His light as we go about our work, thankful for the opportunity to serve here.   


From Hurley—-Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Andrew, Duane, Brydon, Sam, Curvin, Kevin, Nevin, Aaron, MaryKathryn, Leon, Erma 

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