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The second week here at Hurley has come and gone but it was a tough one weather wise. It was snowy and cold. We must have had about 8 inches over the week, and the temperatures were unusually low.  It was a challenge to keep things from freezing in the RVs and maneuvering on the snowy roads, but we had an excellent group of hardy men and women from the Finger lakes area of New York, and we still got a lot of good work done.  There were times for impromptu sledding on the job sites and sitting by the fire while enjoying lunches and coffee breaks, plenty of games and laughter and visiting in the evenings. 

At the Sasha Atwell new build things kept moving right along.  The porch roof was added and the roof shingled, after blowing and sweeping the snow off. Interior walls were framed, and the windows and doors put in. By the end of the week there was also a porch with stairs and railings. The old house was demolished and burned and by Friday all that was left was a pile of ashes. 

Mudding and sanding continued at Johhny and Desiree Baker’s house and soon the painting was underway. Ceilings and walls in the bedrooms were primed and some ceilings got their final coat of paint as well. Underneath the house there was work happening also. Rock was delivered and levelled, plastic put down and rebar put in and they were ready to pour the garage floor, but because of the weather and the roads there was no concrete to be had and so that was put on hold till better weather. Still, satisfactory progress made. 

And so, on Saturday morning we sent the group off home, and it was still snowing.  But they left knowing that they moved both homes forward, and they had learned a new table game in the evenings.   It WAS a GOOD week after all!  Thanks be to God for His provisions and blessings! 


From Hurley—-Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Andrew, Daniel, Linda, Joe, Diane, Joanna, Regina, Ivan, Marvin, Tim, Verny, Lester 

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