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It was a fine week weather-wise and in spite of some mountain climbing there was still lots of work done.  We were joined by a group of ten men and women from Manitoba. Finally, the Project Director and I were not the minority, and though they were from our home province we still started the week as strangers.  That’s not how the week ended though, we all said goodbye as friends.   

The home of Johnny and Desiree Baker is getting so close to being finished and ready for final inspection.  There was cleanup done, and some landscaping.  There were toilets installed and medicine cabinets hung, towel bars, toilet paper holders and door stops and door knobs were done as well.  The hot water heater was installed, hooked up and the valve opened to fill it.  There were drain lines connected, and other plumbing finishes.  There was touch up painting, and many more little jobs.  Still waiting for the countertop for the kitchen but that should happen next week. 

We shingled a house this week for Randy Baker.  In just two days the volunteers stripped the old shingles, and put on the new ones, and they loaded up the old ones on a trailer to be hauled away.  Good job, the roof looks great and shouldn’t leak any more. 

Over at Lois Prater’s home we got to work building a deck at the back of her house. Holes were dug for posts, concrete poured, and deck, stairs and railings built.  Another job well done and in good time. 

At the Atwell house the drywall work continued and by Friday noon most of the walls were done. Just some closets left to do and a bit of drywall around the door. The house has rooms now and there was also a bit of taping and mudding happening.  Outside, work continued on the ramp with more railings, decking and spindles being screwed on.  

At Erica Trammel’s we brought in a load of gravel and did some landscaping around the house as well as digging in some waterline.   

The warm and dry weather this week made working a pleasure and as we look back over the week, we once again see that everything was moved forward, thanks to the good folks who gave of their time and talents here this week. 

From Hurley—–Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Andrew, Bruce, AJ, Ashley, Anthony, Dylan, Breanne, Cheyenne, Courtney, Caleb, Chris 

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