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Our eager crew of volunteers this week consisted of 6 young ladies and a husband and wife from Wisconsin, in addition to our long-termers.  They got right to work on Monday morning, finishing up the flooring at Sherry Dotson’s house and signing off on her job card.  She was just so happy for all the work that was done at her house. 

At the Atwell house, drywall sanding was finished, primer was done on the ceilings and walls, and the inside was all painted with 2 coats.  Painting the interior doors and trim began on Tuesday, with flooring and cabinets going in on Wednesday.  All baseboard trim is done, doors have been painted, some outlets and switches put in, ceiling lights, etc. 

At the Meadows house, the shower tiles got grouted and that task is checked off the list.  There may be some more painting to do in the near future. 

Wednesday was an eventful day all around here.  The power went off all over the valley before lunchtime and was finally restored after dinnertime.  There was much activity getting generators hooked up at the Atwell house and also at the base camp.  We were so thankful when power was restored before we went to bed for the night.  Verne and Joyce, the next project director and assistant cook arrived in the midst of the mayhem and were such a great help in getting things up and running on generator power. 

Another week is done and lots of good work was accomplished.  We say goodbye to our project director, office manager, cook, and crew leader and welcome their replacements to carry on this good work in God’s great name. 




Blessed to be in Hurley – Bob, Linda, Ed, Grace, Lauren, Lester, Joanna, Louella, Marcille, Mary Lou, Lorelle, Marilyn, Lynette, Verne, Joyce, and Josie 

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