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We have an all-new staff of long-term volunteers and are so grateful for the overlap we had with the previous long-term staff.  Kerry and Jo have good records to follow up on and the cooks left great supplies for the new cooks. 

We continue to work on the Meadows house.  Caulking around the trim and started painting the trim white and the hardie board siding green.  It’s looking really great!  There has also been tiling done in the shower area. 

The Atwell house continues to have the drywall mudded and sanded.  Most often a crew goes here first thing in the morning until the sun warms things up enough to go back to the Meadows house to work on the outside painting. 

Tuesday was an exciting day at the Baker house where all the volunteers worked and gathered to witness the basement cement getting poured.  Mr. Baker and volunteer, Jason, worked with tractor and skidsteer to move the cement in their buckets from the truck up the hill to the house basement, while the rest wheelbarrowed it all into place and leveled it.  It was a great group effort, and the innovation used to accomplish it was noteworthy.  By Friday, the fire barrier in the basement area was completed. 

Erica’s house is pretty much complete now with their water softener hooked up and the previously buried drainpipe found and cleaned out so that water flows freely. 

Work was resumed on the Sherry Dotson house.  Completed the new foundation where blocks were missing after having the foundation re-done previously.  Plumbing for the shower was replaced/fixed and the rotting bathroom floor was taken out and re-done with leftover flooring that was at the base camp. 



Serving the Lord in Hurley, VA – Bob, Linda, Grace, Ed, Lauren, Allen, Mahlon, Martin, Sarah, Mark, Christina, Daniel, Elwin, Jason, and Julie 

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