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We began this week on Saturday when four volunteers came to work over the Labor Day holiday weekend. A couple from Pittsburg worked on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, and two volunteers from Indianapolis worked from Saturday afternoon through Tuesday. The Saturday/Sunday work was at Larry’s house, removing wet drywall from his garage. Six additional volunteers came from Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Illinois to work the entire week.

Early in the week several volunteers completed removing wet drywall in Larry’s garage and Erma’s house, on neighboring properties, and then sprayed for mold in both dwellings.

From Tuesday through Friday volunteers continued and completed the repairs on the former SWAP house, the “Lodge” at the Hindman United Methodist Church, and did a final cleaning so that the church could move furniture in over the weekend. Work also continued in one area within the Methodist church that had suffered water damage.

Volunteers returned to Danny and Sandy’s house from Tuesday through Friday, finishing the drywall taping and sanding and then painting several rooms. On Friday four volunteers also returned to Kristi’s house, which had previously been mucked out, and replaced the washer, dryer, and range with new appliances she purchased.

We had several days of rain, which didn’t hamper our work, but it did raise some fears in the community since memory of the July flooding is still very fresh.

The Early Response Team, Hindman, KY

Group Photo: L-R: Joetta Schlabach,Theresa Tobin, Lisa Miller, Ken Wolf, Rita Wolf, Stan Thomas, Sue Thomas, Fred Hershey, Bob Walson, Millie Hershey, Anthony Ogburn, Lou Pirozzi-Erb

Labor Day Weekend Group Photo: L-R Bob Walson, Lisa Miller, Millie Hershey, Fred Hershey, Betty Sue Dengel, Robert Banks

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