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Our team this week consisted of 13 men and women of the Daniel Burkholder “Old Order” group from Penn Yan area, NY. We had a good mixture of male and female and all but the driver were 30 yrs old or younger. They were skilled and energetic… got lots of good work done and they blessed us every day with singing and laughter. We also hosted an RV couple that were very helpful on worksites and around the home base.

Donna, Michael and Janet’s homes are ready for kitchen cabinets which may arrive March 22ndor 23rd.

At the Falline home, the crews completed the drywall and ready for a few days of mudding.

At Ruth house, we finished the porch, drywall and mudding.

At the School a crew tore down a small closed-in porch at the back of the main residence building.

On Tuesday evening Ruth shared her flood experience and deep gratitude to MDS when she came for dinner. On the same night Phil & Rosie spoke briefly about LTR.

On Wednesday evening our guest were RCS staff Andy and George who shared their experiences during the flood and showed a Power Point presentation of before, during and after the flood on the RCS grounds.

Submitted by Denis Sabourin, Office Manager (March)

On behalf of the Eastern Kentucky MDS Team

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