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Our first week in March, with several new volunteers, was very productive!  It is so much fun to see the transformation of Eddie’s house day by day.   Unfortunately, the weather is very unpredictable as we’ve still had mostly cool, windy, rainy days and some warm sunny days.  On Tuesday this week we needed to start our day on a 2-hour delay due to torrential rain overnight which resulted in deep puddles throughout the campground, on the road and at Eddie’s house.  Despite that, much work was accomplished!

At Eddie’s house Myra and Twila painted doors and trim and installed doorknobs.  Mark and Leonard installed doors and window trim and Lorna, Milton, Pete, Martha, and Leonard continued installing flooring. Loretta prepped trim boards and Ron and Larry worked on the electrical.  At Chris’ house, Martha, Twila, Lorna, and Myra painted the beadboard which eventually will be installed on the ceiling and walls.

We continue to enjoy fellowship outside of work.  On Friday morning we all went to breakfast at the Starfish Restaurant and had many laughs as we had a very fun waitress!  Milton even helped clear the tables! On Saturday night we had a fun game night and Sunday we all went to church on the island at the Community Church. After church we enjoyed lunch at Tommy’s Restaurant. But that’s not all!  Sunday afternoon Milton and Lorna invited everyone to their camper.  The gentlemen sat outside, out of the wind, and had “guy time” and the ladies were inside completing a puzzle having “girl time”.

Needless to say, during this first week in March, we have been enjoying our time here on Grand Isle doing meaningful work as well as enjoying the company of each other.

Submitted by Loretta for the Grand Isle RV Team-Peter, Myra and Ron, Lorna and Milton, Martha and Mark, Leonard and Twila, and Larry

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