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This week the weather was nicer than we’ve seen while serving here in Grand Isle all these weeks.   We saw warmer temps and sunshine most of the week which made accomplishing tasks much easier. Eddie’s is looking more and more like a home each day.  Milt, Mark, Ron, and Pete finished the flooring throughout the house.  Larry installed the toilet in bathroom #1. Myra finished painting the trim and Leonard, Mark Milt and Lorna installed the trim.  Ron worked on electrical and installed more ceiling lights.  Twila and Lorna went around and touched up the paint and started the cleaning process by washing the windows.

Things were really moving at Chris’s house as well.  Martha, Myra, Lorna, and Twila painted beadboard for the walls and primed and painted the ceiling in the living room and hallway. Ron, Pete, Myra, and Martha replaced some ceiling panels and began installing the painted wall panels.

As usual our week did not stop with just work.  On Wednesday evening we all enjoyed a meal together at Tommy’s.  They advertise that Wednesday’s are “Steak Night” so some of us wanted to try that out.  Friday morning we had breakfast once again at the Starfish Restaurant and Friday evening we had lots of fun, laughs and snacks with game night in the office trailer.  Saturday night we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by having a delicious potluck dinner with lots of variety.  Sunday, the weather took a turn for the worse and during the service we attended at Community Church there was a very loud crack of thunder and the power went out.  It soon came back on and there was lots of wind and torrential rain.  It was a good 30 minutes before we could wade through the water to get back into the MDS van and head to lunch at the Starfish Restaurant.  Typical Grand Isle weather!

It has been fun getting to know each other through work and play this week and so fulfilling to see Eddie’s and Chris’ homes taking shape.

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