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Work is progressing on Miss Hayle’s home.  We made great strides on re-siding her home.  We are waiting for a shower unit to arrive to be able to finish putting her bathroom back in working order.

We had some excitement on Tuesday evening.  We kept getting tornado warnings on our telephones and when we listened to the news reports of an incoming storm with straight line winds and hail we didn’t feel safe staying in our RVs at this ocean side marina.  So, we moved our RVs to the church parking lot in the middle of the island to feel more protected from the storm for the night.  A tornado touched down an hour north of us.  We were grateful that Grand Isle was spared anymore destruction and we were all safe.

On Friday we took a group field trip to visit the Tabasco Factory which was really fun.  We met up with the RV group from Welsh, LA and had lunch with them at the Tabasco restaurant.   Many of us tried taste testing the Tabasco ice cream, some liked it, some didn’t.

We said good bye to Charles and Susie Wray at the end of the week after their 3 week stint with our RV group.  We appreciated their willingness to work and enjoyed our time together.

Submitted by Lisa Schamback

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