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The weather improved, and by the middle of the week we were leaving for the job in shirt sleeves. What a blessing! Insulating and plumbing were big focuses throughout the week. One team worked on ceiling drywall, and by week’s end they were in the third bedroom. Another team followed them to put up drywall on the walls. Given that we are not professionals, it of course is taking longer than we think it should, but by week’s end one bedroom was nearing completion. What a difference it makes, to see stud walls turning into rooms!

The plumbing has been slow, as many pipes were broken in the storm, as well as perhaps never having been installed properly. And when it became apparent that a 32” shower was not available, some reworking of pipes and walls was necessary in a bathroom. The vanity and lighting needed to be relocated as well.

On Wednesday we were visited by a team of MDS staff and several Mennonite Church USA conference ministers, who were touring southwest Louisiana projects. We also had the opportunity to meet the man who heads up the local recovery committee. His affirmations for the work MDS and others do as agencies that are here for the long haul was heartwarming. We are currently rebuilding the home of a local resident, employee of a local business, who simply does not have the resources on his own to recover from such a devastating loss. It is satisfying work, to know that soon he will again have a house to call home.

Week’s end brought torrential rain, but we were able to enjoy a lovely potluck supper on the deck at the marina, with a view of the bay and some sunset color, despite the rain clouds. Life is good, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus on Grand Isle!

Andy, Bonnie, Fred, Larry, Mark, Maureen, Sue, Tim and Todd

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