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Our crew of seven increased by two, when we were joined by Andy and Maureen. They were in Grand Isle last winter, so they could fill us in on what’s changed, and what remains looking pretty much like it did a year ago. 

Work continued with framing in a few remaining doorways and the shower walls. A huge amount of effort went into leveling ceiling joists and walls. Remodel projects are always challenging, and in our case, it seemed to present even more challenges than usual. Some areas were off level by inches, and required a lot of work with a six foot level, shimming, nailing, hammering, cutting… in short, it took several volunteers most of the week to be satisfied that the walls and ceilings are finally ready for drywall. 

Wiring was begun, and as that was completed, insulating could begin. Here again, we ran into challenges. 16” centers are often approximate, which means there was a whole lot of cutting (and coughing!) going on. We made good use of the N95 masks provided! 

On Monday the local project manager informed us that we needed to install hurricane rods before we could insulate and drywall. These are long 5/8” threaded metal rods placed two in every corner and one on each side of each opening, from the base plate and underlying support beams up through the top plate, whose purpose is to hold a structure together in hurricane force winds. Bear in mind, the house we are working on is on 18’ piers! Challenges! 

The weather offered challenges too. It turned quite cold and very windy overnight Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday highs were in the 30s. Since we were coming to Louisiana (south, right?) none of us really had appropriate clothing for working in those temperatures. We struggled through Tuesday morning, and finally decided to quit at noon and work Friday morning instead, when temps were predicted to return to a more agreeable level. 

Despite the cold and wind, the challenges of crooked ceilings and walls, and learning we needed to install hurricane rods, we finished the week strong by moving the drywall up into the house. We’re ready to hit the ground running next week! Meaningful work, and lots of fun. 


Andy, Bonnie, Fred, Larry, Mark, Maureen, Sue, Tim and Todd 

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