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We said goodbye to Fred, Sue and Tim, and Mark this month, but welcomed some new volunteers.  Welcome to Jim and Jan from Manitoba, Canada; Martha and Mark from Pennsylvania, and Pete and Loretta from New York. Staying on for another month are Bonnie and Todd, from Idaho, Maureen and Andy from Ohio and Larry from Florida.   The crew continued to work on Eddie’s house as they had been all of January. They finished installing drywall in all the rooms and began taping and mudding and even sanding.    Larry continued working on plumbing-installing drain lines and supply tubing.

The office trailer we are using for the Office Manager duties and as a meeting place for the volunteers and morning devotions is an old construction trailer.  As a group, we took it upon ourselves to make it a more pleasant and cleaner atmosphere in which to meet. Pete and Todd were able to take out a huge wooden shelving unit that was attached to the wall which was in the way of our seating area.  We then scraped and painted the room, covering up much graffiti and dirt on the walls.  The floor was mopped, tables washed and now it is a very pleasant room in which to meet.

It is always fun getting to know each other as we serve for MDS. On Sunday we attended church together at Community Church and then had lunch out at the Starfish Restaurant.  After our orientation meeting Sunday night, we enjoyed brownie sundaes.  Friday morning, we all went to breakfast at the Starfish Restaurant and Saturday we attended the fun and colorful Mardis Gras parade on the island. Finally, on Saturday we enjoyed an evening playing games in our newly renovated office trailer.

Loretta for the Grand Isle RV Team-Peter, Bonnie and Todd, Jim and Jan, Martha and Mark, Maureen and Andy, and Larry

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