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We had another productive week at Eddie’s house!  All interior wall painting was completed at Eddie’s this week.  Todd and Bonnie painted the kitchen, Jim and Maureen painted the living room, Maureen primed bath #2 then Todd, Bonnie and Jim put on the finishing coat.  Jim painted the hallway. With all the interior painting done the crew continued with trim.  Mark and Martha worked on cutting window casings and Maureen and Martha painted them.  Andy and Maureen cleaned and prepped the subfloor getting it ready for flooring; Maureen painted interior doors and Mark, Pete and Martha installed them.  Larry installed electrical outlets.  Todd and Bonnie installed the shower faucet.

As there is a lot more work at Eddie’s than Chris’, most of the work was done there this week.  However, we did spend some time at Chris’.  Andy, Larry and Pete installed the kitchen countertop and Larry installed the kitchen faucet and drain.

It was quite a social week as well!  The Bayou Community Foundation invited us to a House Blessing on Wednesday at Miss Wanda’s house on the other side of the Grand Isle Bridge!  The NOMADs, another volunteer group on the island, repaired this home.  The NOMADS are a group of Methodist retirees who travel around the country in their RV’s doing disaster relief much like MDS. It was fun meeting them and seeing all the work they had done and, of course, meeting Miss Wanda!  Afterwards we were treated to lunch at the Bridge Side Pavillion.  That evening our group got together for one last dinner of pizza, salad and dessert.

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye to people one has served with for a month or more. It is like saying goodbye to family.  Bonnie and Todd, Maureen and Andy and Jim and Jan all left us at the end of the week. We will miss them and thank them for all their hard work.  Now it is time to welcome our 3 new couples!  We welcome Myra and Ron from Manitoba, Canada; Lorna and Milton from Manitoba, Canada, and Leonard and Twila from Iowa.  We look forward to getting to know them and having a fun and productive March.  Mark and Martha, Larry, and Loretta and Pete have continued serving in GI.  On Sunday, we all ventured to Community Church here on the Island and enjoyed lunch together at the Starfish Restaurant.  Sunday evening, we had orientation where brownie sundaes were served.

Submitted by Loretta for the Grand Isle RV Team- Peter, Bonnie and Todd, Jim and Jan, Martha and Mark, Maureen and Andy, and Larry

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