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We had another very productive week.  Eddie’s house is really showing progress and we signed on a second job at Chris’ house this week.  At Eddie’s house Jim and Mark continued working on drywall finishing as they prepared the living room and bathrooms for primer and paint.  Todd and Bonnie primed the kitchen and living room and Maureen primed bathroom #1.   Later in the week Jim and Mark took a break from mudding and drywall finishing as Jim primed the hallway and bedroom #3 and he and Mark painted the laundry room.   Todd began sanding drywall in bathroom #2.  Andy and Maureen painted trim, and Larry and Andy finished the drain system.

In between their work at Eddie’s, Andy, Maureen, Martha, and Pete were able to begin work over at Chris’.  They removed the existing upper and lower kitchen cabinets and installed new cabinets.

It was another beautiful weather week. On Wednesday evening we celebrated Bonnie (2/20) and Mark’s (2/21) birthdays. We enjoyed King Cake, brownies, and ice cream.  On Friday night some of us got together for a game night and played Uno Flip.  We had lots of laughs as it was hard to keep track of everything when we had to “flip” the cards.  On Sunday we all piled into the van and ventured off the island for church and lunch.  We attended First Community Bible Church in Cut-Off and had lunch at Las Casa Mexican Restaurant in the same town.

Once again, we enjoyed meaningful work and fellowship during this beautiful week here in Grand Isle.

Submitted by Loretta for the Grand Isle RV Team- Peter, Bonnie and Todd, Jim and Jan, Martha and Mark, Maureen and Andy, and Larry

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