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Monday morning started off a little shaky.  We had a terrible wind and rainstorm overnight that lasted into the morning, so our workday started at 10:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m.  Despite the late start much work was accomplished that day and continued through the week.  Martha and Maureen painted trim during the week when the weather permitted as they had to work outdoors on this project.  In between that project they primed bedroom #3 and painted bedroom #2 and #3.  Mark, Andy, and Jim continued taping and mudding drywall in the living room/dining room and parts of the kitchen.  Bonnie and Todd worked on drywall finishing and installed the shower base and shower in bathroom #2. In addition to that they primed bedroom #2. Larry continued working on the plumbing.  He hooked up the drains in bath #2 and installed drain vents.

During the week the weather seemed nice, but not the warm temps we had expected.  On the weekend we had tremendous wind and rain, once again, but we “weathered the storm” by getting together for a game night on Friday night and a potluck on Saturday night in our newly cleaned and painted office trailer.  We all exclaimed how it was the best meal yet that we’d had on the island! The fellowship was fun also! On Sunday we went to church at the Catholic church, Our Lady of the Isle.  There are only 2 churches on the island, so we wanted to take time to visit both throughout our stay.

Submitted by Loretta for the Grand Isle RV Team-Peter, Bonnie and Todd, Jim and Jan, Martha and Mark, Maureen and Andy and Larry

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