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Volunteers this week were from Iowa and Virginia and Ohio.  They continued work on the homes we started last week, and we added a third home to work on.  We exchanged the 1 weekly volunteer for another. Tyler came with construction work experience and was welcomed not only for his skills but also his help in evaluating how to proceed.  He and a surprise crew of young adults from Reach/Rosedale in Ohio, hung drywall and installed insulation at the home where flooring was torn out and rebuilt last week. Tyler started mudding.  Leonard stayed for a second week and applied his plumbing and electrical skills by updating wiring and installing a couple of showers.  Crew leader Dave worked with everyone.  He also worked at a new location and reviewed other potential work sites with Mark, Project Director.  Barb and Twila cooked wonderful meals for us all and always had enough for the many extra people who showed up.

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