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In addition to the long-term volunteer crew of five, eleven weekly volunteers from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin arrived to work on four houses in the eastern Kentucky area.

It was a great week with the help of the Wisconsin crew who worked on two houses near our MDS base center at Bethel Camp. They finished all the trimwork on Nannie’s house, hung doors, installed a water heater and bathroom vanity, and completed the electrical and plumbing work. This house will be completed when the kitchen and kitchen counters are put in next week. At Victor’s house, the group finished taping, mudding and painting. They completed the plumbing, installed kitchen cabinets, did the trimwork and primed walls in a couple rooms. This house is a 16 x 34 shed being converted into a house. The trailer the owner had lived in previously, was totally destroyed by the flood and they are building his new residence on higher ground.

The Pennsylvania crew was an asset as well. They removed and replaced the floor in Dylan’s house. They hung drywall, taped and mudded, installed insulation, sealed seams on the roof and did some electrical work. At Gary & Teresa’s house, the crew hung drywall, taped, mudded and put primer on most of the rooms. Gary & Teresa then signed off on their job card because they know many other people need help with housing repairs. They will complete the painting and take care of the finishing touches on their house.

Next week, we hope to finish Nannie’s house, continue working on Victor’s and Dylan’s houses and begin work on some new jobs.

Friday evening the Bethel Camp board members joined us for supper.

Submitted by the Eastern Kentucky Team

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