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A group of fourteen Old Order Amish from Indiana arrived at Bethel Camp early Monday afternoon. They came to our rescue, on rather short notice, after the ghroup previously scheduled was unable to come. After a quick lunch, the Indiana group was ready to jump right in to tackle the tasks at hand.

The group, which included several teenagers, worked hard all week at five different locations. One group installed roof rafters and metal sheeting on the Mountain View Road home. The owner was delighted with the completed job. Others installed the kitchen cabinets and countertop at house #1.  They installed the shower, sink and other bathroom fixtures at house #2. They hooked up the heater and installed insulation. Both house #1 and house # 2 are ready for the owners to move in. Some of the group continued the work in House #9. They installed all the flooring, beadboard, baseboard, two exterior doors and painted all the rooms inside the house. Most importantly, this group developed good rapport with the owner. At house #10, some of the group completed the flooring, installed trim work and baseboard and painted the entire inside of the trailer according to the owner’s colors. This house is also nearing completion and the owner is anxious to move back in. One of the group members commented that seeing the progress of the work throughout the week gave her great satisfaction.

The cooks treated the crew with hot chocolate and cookies, a well-earned reward, on Friday. Though we had no crew leaders the past several weeks, Fred, the project director, was able to organize and successfully arrange the groups so that a great amount of work was completed.

During the previous week of November 6 through 12, Clete Yoder, area project coordinator, expertly supervised a group of 20 volunteers in building two bridges in the Turner Creek area. No small effort in bringing this project to near completion in only five days.

Submitted by the Eastern Kentucky Team

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