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Fourteen men and women from Pennsylvania came this week – a good mixture of adults and youth. They were skilled and energetic and got lots of good work done. They were big card players in the evenings and also spent time putting together puzzles – completing three in the week they were here.

We finished up the Leland Noble house, which had been started by another group. We poured cement for the sidewalk and Leland signed off on the job card.

Trim was installed at Donna Noble’s house and doors were hung. Then the windows and frames were caulked, and the paint was touched up. The kitchen cabinets should come next week. Those can be installed and then the flooring can be finished.

At the Shepherd house, the flooring was installed, the doors were hung, and trim installed.

Many hours were spent at the Little house taping, mudding, and sanding. We also blew insulation in the attic. It’s ready for paint next week.

At the Holbrook house the soffit and siding were installed. The porch and steps were built. Some stayed inside the gym at camp and painted doors.

On Wednesday evening Falline Holbrook shared with us about her experience in the flood and gave stories of her life. She expressed such great gratitude for MDS building her a new house.

Submitted by Gayle Frey

On behalf of the Eastern Kentucky Team

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