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We welcomed a group of 14 – one couple from Missouri and 1 couple with 10 young ladies from Michigan.  Also joining us was Tobia Muff, Crew Leader’s, family of 7, from Minnesota.


Due to some delays, it looked a bit challenging to keep meaningful all week for a large group.  We prayed and trusted God would guide those who needed to do inspections, move an electric line, and build a driveway in order for us to move forward on our houses.  God directed the pieces of the puzzle to fit.  We praised Him that He is always on time!   At the beginning of the week, concrete approaches were poured at house #33 and #34, the sites were cleaned up, and insulation and house wrap were placed in the crawl spaces.  Soffit and facia were finished and the mucky/muddy driveway was worked on at house #33.  At house #30, the siding and porch railings were finished, and 21 feet of sidewalk were poured.  This job is nearly complete, but a FEMA trailer on the property stands in the way of finishing the sidewalk. Because God orchestrated the power company to complete moving the electric line that hung low over house #32, the foundation stone, plates, floor joists, sheeting, framing, trusses, and porch deck were finished. Plywood and ice-water were half completed on the roof.  Interior doors were all painted for this house also.


We will send a couple men to house #33 to work on the driveway for a morning next week while the rest of the volunteers work at house #32, finishing the paneling and ice-water.  Next, we will put shingles on the roof.  House #33 and #34 are scheduled to have rain gutters installed on Monday. We are hopeful that inspections get completed at #33 and #34 so that we can begin the inside work of sheet rocking.

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