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We were joined this week by a group of 20 folks from the Maple Grove Mennonite Church in PA, as well as a new long-term couple who also came to us from PA.

Work at Edith’s house is almost done, just a few more small things to take care of before we call it done.

At Lee’s house, the work continues with more trim work, painting and caulking, and installing of doors as well as other small jobs.  We will be finishing up here soon as well.

There is more of the same happening at Olie and Barb’s house.  More crown molding put up, lots of trim painting, fixing up plumbing and electrical issues, and hooking up the washer and dryer.  We may get this project done this week as well.

Paul’s home had the electrical issues straightened out, doors reframed, and walls removed and then the exterior walls insulated, and fresh drywall hung.  To be continued this week.

We built a set of outdoor stairs for Tamara and may go back week next for some interior work.

For Sharon, we went in two days and worked on repairing her drywall, mudding and taping and fixing some electrical issues as well as hanging some doors.

At the first new build site the concrete was poured in the stem wall and bond beam and it is ready for the framing to begin.

At Nolan and Tosha’s new house site, a tree was removed, the site for the house levelled and prepared, a driveway put in, foundation dug and poured, then the stem wall was started and almost finished, and drain tile was installed around the back of the foundation.

Here at camp, more work was done on spackling ceilings, sanding and painting.

Thanks for all the hard work done this week,

 From the Long-term team here at Eastern KY

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