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Four gentlemen, co-workers from the Ephrata area of PA came to Eastern Kentucky to lay block and complete the foundation of house #32.  With wet weather in the forecast, they worked hard and completed the project on Wednesday.  Because our 4th house isn’t ready, they headed home.  We also welcomed 2 single men, one from Lancaster and the other from Kalona, Iowa.  These two men were well rounded in their skills.  They finished up various jobs and worked well with the young group of 10 from central PA (3 couples and 4 single gals).  This group of 10 were first-timers with MDS and displayed the Christian ethics we have come to expect from MDS volunteers.  Their enthusiasm and appreciation for life was so much fun.


By week’s end, house #33 and #34 were finished on the outside and we await inspections to move forward.  This group shingled, put up soffit, facia, siding, porch steps, railings and roofs, and put up sheet rock in the HVAC closets on both of these houses.  A culvert and foundation stone were put in at house #32. Carl Ranck made the culvert look so good!


A highlight of this week was when Janet Little, her husband and daughter visited on Wednesday.  With Phil and Rosie Swartzentruber, we were invited into the traumatic experience of the flood in a new way.


With snow melt and rain, some of the driveways were deeply muddy.  There were quite a few fun stories and pictures of slippery and mucky walks and work. There were lots of pictures taken of clothing soaked and dirty up to and above knees.


We are hopeful that HVAC, plumbing and inspections will be finished soon at house #33 & 34.  On Monday we plan to get some skid steer work done at house #32, get the yards cleaned up and extra materials returned to camp from #33 & #34.  The Muff family will go to house #30 to finish the work and add a sidewalk from the porch to the driveway.  If necessary, we will get the trimming and door package for house #32 so that painting can be done in the gymnasium.  We are praying for dry weather and available professionals to make inside work possible.

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