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We welcomed a group of 8 young ladies from Canada, a group of 4 young men from Upstate New York and a married couple from Pennsylvania.  It was a bitterly cold and snowy week, and we appreciated the gift God gave us by sending these enthusiastic and TOUGH northern young people.  Even the -3 degree morning, they were ready and raring to go on time.

By the end of the week, house #33 and 34 are both ready for shingles.  If it had not been for slippery roofs, some shingles would have been placed.  At client #33’s house, trusses were carried the length of the driveway (vehicles couldn’t get in due to ice), set, plywood and ice-water installed, bird boxes made, wall-ceiling blocking done and doors were painted.  At client #34’s house, plates, rim board, floor joists placed, exterior walls, subfloor, interior walls built, plywood put on roof, sheeting, windows and deck were started.  Due to the extreme weather, we kept some volunteers back at camp where they patched holes and painted 3 bathrooms/showers, cleaned some rooms for the next week and painted doors for both houses. 


The fellowship was wonderful.  While the weather prevented much contact with home owners, the group was eager to surprise them with the amount of work finished while they were snowed in.  The laughter and smiles were prevalent.


Because the weather is to warm up next week, shingles will be put on both roofs #33 & 34.  Siding, windows, doors and porches will be finished at both houses also. Blocks will be placed at client #32 and hopefully #31.  Our director is planning to meet with the HVAC man on Monday and that work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday at #34.

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