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The first week of February brought some long-term leadership changes to Eastern Kentucky. Dayton (Project Director) and Gayle (Office Manager) Frey, from Goshen, Ind.; Anna Mary (Head Cook) and Ivan (Assistant Cook) Martin, from Narvon, Pa.; Ralph (Crew Leader) and Ingrid (Long-term Volunteer) Hughes, from Canning, Nova Scotia; and David King (Crew Leader), from Broadway, Va.; joined Al and Carla Roes, Tobias Muff, and Inkisiinhle Ndlovu-Mathuthu, who have been here since early January.

A group of 10 from Wisconsin and a couple from Pennsylvania came as enthusiastic, highly skilled or eager to learn volunteers for the week. They were hard workers and the visible changes in several houses were exciting.

A lot of hours were spent on the Little’s house. Despite the muddy conditions, we were able to set the trusses, finish the roof, put up sheet rock, install windows and doors, build the side porch, and get the house almost completely sided.

At the Noble house, we hung sheet rock, insulated the walls, and taped and mudded.

At the Shepherd house we also hung sheet rock, insulated the walls, and taped and mudded.

After many phone calls to find a mason to lay blocks at the Holbrook house, we finally have someone scheduled to do that this coming week and will be able to start on that house soon. Once we can get started, we will have to work hard on that house in order to have all four houses completed by the end of March.

On Wednesday evening Falline and Jason Hollbrook joined us for supper and to share their experience with the flood. Falline gave a moving testimony about her life. Phil and Rosie Swartzentruber, members of the Long-Term Recovery Team joined us as well.

Submitted by Gayle Frey

On behalf of the Eastern Kentucky Team

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