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Volunteers from three different areas came to Eastern KY last week. A group of four from Western PA; a group of 6 from Southern Ohio; a group of three from Lancaster PA. They joined ten Long Term Volunteers including newcomers Bob and Sandy Martin, Project Director and Assistant Cook.

A completed job card was signed for Lee Campbell and Tamara Omalley Work continued on soffit, facia, drywall, and insulation at the Herald house. The Spicer house work included siding, insulation and drywall. Volunteers worked on tile, painting, trim, doors, plumbing and electric at the Spicer house.

Work began with tearing down a chimney, taking down two ceilings, leveling floors and laying subfloors for Ed Southwood. Work on the States house included sanding drywall and painting.

Volunteers heard stories from a young couple who experienced the flood in their second month of marriage. Also sharing stories and information was a long term recovery committee member who also serves as assistant director of Bethel Camp.

After spending two months in Eastern KY, Jonas Schmidt, long term MDS volunteer for the year from Germany, left on Saturday for a trip to Niagara Falls.

Next week a group from Eastern Ohio will join us.

Don Yoder for Robert and Sandy Martin, Jonas Schmidt, Steve and Gina Reinford, Em Yoder, Erv and Esther Willms, Layne Newswanger



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