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Another interesting week here at Bethel Camp.  We were joined by a group of 11 men from sunny Manitoba, hearty eaters, and hard workers and the devotions they shared were challenging and meaningful.  We also had a group of two couples from Indiana join us for meal times, and they spent their day working at a house on the camp property.  Our area coordinator, Clete, came to join us for the transition, and the next project director, Bob, and his wife who will be assistant cook, came mid-week to learn and take over the reins here.   The weather was lovely till Thursday, but then it started to rain.  We watched as the shallow river started to swell and cover the road, and we got a small taste of what it could have been like for those who experienced the flood of ’22, even though these levels were much lower. We sent the volunteers home Thursday after supper before road access was cut off.  Friday was a day to stay at camp and do catch up and odd jobs.

At Nolan + Tosha’s house, there was a lot of activity.  The roof got shingled first thing on Monday, and then for the rest of the week there was siding hung, porch and stairs built, and doors installed.  The electrician, plumber and HVAC crew all came in and did their jobs and by the end of the week, there was a lot of change and progress.

Paul’s house saw a lot of change also.  The trim was painted and put up around the ceiling, the bathtub was installed, as was the hot water heater.  There were vanities installed and flooring got started as well.  The home owners are very excited to see the way things are coming together in their home.

At Bill and Karen’s, the siding was finished and caulked, and the insulation on the exterior walls was put in before week’s end.

There was more painting, and cleaning and electrical work done at Sharon’s house.  She was also presented with a comfort that was made by one of our previous volunteers.  She was very pleased with it.

On another new site, at Robert and Shona’s,  a couple of volunteers went in and hung drywall in their tiny house.  The owners want to do their own taping and mudding but they really appreciated the help in hanging the drywall.

And now, Kerry and I are on our way home.  It has been a good time here in Eastern KY, and we enjoyed our time here and the folks we met.  We met a lot of great volunteers and they did a lot of great work to help our clients along and move them closer to coming home again.  Blessings to the new director and crew as they continue the work here.

From Eastern KY————Kerry, Jo, Steve, Gina, Jonas, Erv, Esther, Layne, Don, Em, Luke, Jayden, Erik, Brent, Max, Joseph, Darren, Dion, Matt, Kendall, Scott

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