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The end of Thanksgiving break brought in a new group of long-term volunteers.  Everyone except for the project director was new.  It was challenging for them without their outgoing counterparts to transition them.  Our new leaders came from OH and MN.  They were joined by 5 weekly volunteers from PA, WI & OH.

We started the week with 12 open jobs.  We added 1 new job and completed 6.  Work included installing appliances, HVAC, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, trim, insulation, drywall, electrical troubleshooting and of course, painting!  We upgraded our internet connectivity by installing a directional antenna to boost the signal.  Now we have greater speed, reliability and we don’t lose the internet when it rains!

This week we had the opportunity to gather and present a wall hanging to our client whose home was livable again.

Submitted by the eastern Kentucky team

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