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Work in the Crisfield, MD area is moving along, slowly.  Currently we are waiting for permits to come through to be able to schedule excavation and masonry needs.   Until those things are done, we will not be able to specify time/needs for volunteers.  In the meantime, work is being done at the camp location to fix up the building a little, getting beds built & ready for volunteers, cleaning, etc.  Jay is busy with phone calls, etc trying to coordinate footer, block work, framers, and everything else in-between.  Cindy is helping Doug Garrett with Office Manager needs, organizing the location office, cleaning, etc
On site at this time is Jay Finkbiner, Project Director; his wife, Twila Finkbiner, Assistant Cook/Housekeeper; Cindy Sanderson, Office Assistant/Cook/Housekeeper; and her husband Steve Sanderson, General Labor/Electrical/Construction.

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