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We have had a very productive week here at Coastal Bend RV and are ending a little on the cool side for Texas.  It was a cool 34 degrees yesterday with gale force winds making it feel like 25 degrees.   We have a dedicated crew and everyone continued on like it was at least 60 degrees.  A big shout out to this group for their dedication.

On Thursday the coldest day, Rita, Joanne, Billy, Dennis and Duane worked outside on the sixty- foot ram at Roxanne’s house, it is very near completion. The group painted the entire outside of this home last week. We have the cabinets to install, some doors and trim work to go.  As soon as the electrician finishes up it should be ready for a house blessing.  The home owner stops by occasionally and when ask if she wants to go inside she says no, she wants to be totally surprised when it is finished.  She will be living there with her mother who has some disabilities.

David, Karen and Joe continue to work on the house for Pearl in Aransas Pass.  They are trimming out the doors, adding closet fixtures, and putting the kitchen sink in the counter top.  We have had the opportunity to meet the homeowner. She too is ready to be back in a home of her own in her home town.

Some of the group stated a repair job on a home in Sinton.  This family has needed a roof since the hurricane damage of Harvey.  The roof was installed and now we are taking over.  Jim, Linda, Rita, Joanne and Duane removed the ceilings in the kitchen, dining room, half of the living room and a back porch on Monday.  The rest of the week Jim, Linda, Rita, Ken and Jean worked on dry wall, washing down walls, cleaning trim and repairing some window frames. As soon as the ceilings and dry wall are repaired and finished a new kitchen floor will be put in.  Julie has been around twice telling us about the couples three children.  The oldest is blind and spends the evening in this home.  They have been putting clothes baskets over the holes in the kitchen floor so Hannah the blind daughter can navigate.  Julie even brought the group homemade banana bread on Thursday when it was so cold.  She said to Linda “I can’t believe you came to work today when it is so cold.”  She thanked us over and over again for the work and could hardly believe her eyes as she watches the improvements being made.

We are hoping that after this weekend to see warmer temperatures as we continue work here at Coastal Bend RV.


Duane and Jean, Ken and Rita, Dennis and Joanne, Jim and Linda, Dave and Karen, Joe and Roxanne, Bill and Sandi          

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