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This week we have lots of joy to share and a little bit of sorrow.  We all experience great joy and satisfaction at a House Blessing held for the Moody family in Sinton, Texas.  This home had roof and water damage due to Hurricane Harvey.  At the beginning of the month we started the inside repairs.  Three ceilings to be removed and replaced, three floors to be repaired and laminate flooring put in.  Along with cabinet, door and window repairs we painted all three rooms and the porch that served as their laundry room.  As the days passed our group got so excited to see the physical changes.  When a group returned from a day on the site the other volunteers ask if they had pictures to share.   We finished there on February 18th and conducted the house blessing on Tuesday the 22nd.  It was such a time of joy and rejoicing as the family entered their refurbished home.  The home owners thanked us over and over again for the transformation they were seeing.

On Wednesday we all traveled to the home of Roxanne in Refugio to finish that new build.  We are not sure when the dedication will take place but soon.  There was a little trim and paint work to finish as well as installing brackets for the hurricane shutters.  Some sanding was required on the deck work and a storm door installed on the back door.  As we worked outside were reminded that Texas gets cold!

On Thursday we all took a long trip to Robstown to work on a home that we started on in December.  We were waiting on the new roof to be completed.  This is the home of Sue and she too had sustained water damage from Hurricane Harvey.  She loved having all of us there working and we made good progress.  Rita, Joanne, Linda and Jean took down ceiling tile in two bedrooms. Billy, Dennis and Bruce tore out all the inside walls of her bathroom.  Ken, Joe and Dave worked on the inside ceiling and one wall in the bedroom.  Jim started some repairs on drywall that had been damaged in the front living room area. Sue shared with several ladies that she lived there alone and had raised thirteen children in this home. Next week we will return to continue on with the work.

The sorrow comes in saying “until we meet again,” to Rita and Ken as they left on Friday morning.  They have been with us since the first of November. They added talent and encouragement along with some wit to our team and will be sorely missed by all.   

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