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This week has proved to be a challenge due to the down pour of rain throughout the week.   We had started painting the outside of Roxanna’s home in Refugio the before and planned to finish it up this week.  Thanks to the hard work of Rita, Nancy, Joanna, Jean and Sandy we accomplished it.  We did have a little help from Bill, Duane and Dennis setting up the scaffolding for us.  It is exciting for our team as well as for the home owner to see the final steps being taken to completed the home.  We also started the long ramp that will be added to the back porch of this home.  Dennis and Bill worked together to place spindles and complete the lay out for the ramp that will be attached to the back of the home. As Sandi was cleaning paint brushes out in the back yard the neighbor man came by and thanked her for all the work being done on the home.  He said “I can’t wait to have them back there are such good neighbors.” “They have been gone since Hurricane Harvey struck.”

Meanwhile the other group of the team, Karen, Dave, Ken, Bruce and Joe finished up the flooring for the house in Aransas Pass.  As soon as the flooring was completed work began on the trim.  Dave and Joe worked along with Karen on this phase.  Ken and Bruce worked on installing the bathroom vanity and sink.   Duane and Bill installed all be cabinets.  After finishing the cabinets Ken and Bruce put the counter tops in.  Dave, Karen and Joe changed gears when trim was completed and started on the doors and shelving units.  As Dave later said “this day was very challenging but we were able to get it done, and what a difference it makes, it finally looks like the home that the owner will be excited to reside in.”

One of the things that team members have appreciated is the occasional visit by leadership from the traditional program.  When they stop they share their knowledge with some of the similar challenges and how they resolved it. 

Then there are the bitter sweet goodbyes as we have Bruce and Nancy leaving us for a month, but they will return.  We also welcome this week Jim and Linda Showalter.  They will begin next week as we take on a home repair.  We are so thankful for the time and talent our volunteers lend to the projects.  They literally change the world, one brush stroke, one nail, one board at a time.

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Duane and Jean, Ken and Rita, Bill and Sandi, Joe and Roxanna, Dave and Karen, Bruce and Nancy and Dennis and Joanna         

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