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Greetings from the warm south Texas and the RV project. All participants arrived safely the weekend of October 2nd from Indiana, Kansas and Oregon/ Canada.  We started our work at Port Aransas working on a brace for the homeowner Gene Frost. His home was built by MDS several years ago after Hurricane Harvey.  The air conditioner brace needed more reinforcement before the air conditioner company would do repairs for the homeowner After finishing his home the men worked on the home of a client in Rockport.  She was one of the individuals that obtained damage during the deep freeze here in February.  She had drywall that was removed to reach the pipes.  The ladies worked hard to patch and replace dry wall then mud and sand it.  As the women worked on this the men replaced the base and housing for an outside water heater.  They also removed and old electric pole and dug a trench for the conduit. The ladies also did some work at the future traditional site cleaning up kitchen area and unpacking items.


Duane, Jean, Bob, Cyndi, Dave, Karen, Fred and Mary

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