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Could it be said of our homeowners this year that everything is different?  All last week our team was kept busy.  Duane, Ken, and Bob helped with the forming of concrete pads at the base of the steps at homes in Taft and Gregory.  After the forms were in there was the mixing of concrete and pouring the following day.  Added to the steps of the homes in Aransas Pass were the side rails and spindles which Cyndi has become a pro at along with Dave and Karen.  Pam continues to be the “master mudder” as she finishes the closet platforms that Rita and Jean construct.  Rita is an expert using a T-square and a utility knife.  Steve continues on with blocking the walls for the addition of kitchen cabinets, closet fixtures and bathroom vanities.

As the home owners look on in eager anticipation I’m sure that they must be thinking at last everything is finally coming together.  There are days when our crew at Coastal Bend also mirrors those thoughts.  Pam summed it up nicely one day when we were cleaning up for the day, she said ‘it is certainly good to finish the job.”

We have watched two of the homes change before our very eyes.  The homes of Sam and Pearl have had the dry wall hung and finished last week.  What a change from the studded walls that existed just a few days before.   When you walk in you get the true sense that this will be that long- awaited home for them

As the team shared in our devotions the home is an important part of our service but more important is the relationships that are being established with the home owners.  Not only should we focus on the physical work that is accomplished but we must focus on the Sam’s and his mom, the Norma’s whose son died of covid this past fall, the Steve’s that have lived in a trailer since the hurricane and all the others we come into contact with.

As we enter the season when we celebrate the long- awaited arrival of our Redeemer and Savior, let each of us make sure that our hearts and homes reflect His love and mercy.

Coastal Bend RV, Duane and Jean, Bob and Cyndi, Steve and Pam

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